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Lens: 40mm f/2.4. Conventional Gauss-derived 6 elements in 4 groups. Multicoated.

Diaphragm: 7 blades, which is excellent.

Finder: Tiny 0.35x magnification. Covers only 83% of image.

AF: Active IR.

Close Focus: 2.3 feet (0.7m).

Shutter: 1 ~ 1/400 second and Bulb, not to exceed about 99 seconds.

Cable Release: 2.5mm electronic socket.

Frame Rate: ½ FPS.

Meter: Center-weighted. Sensor is a hole in the body next to the lens.

Meter Range: LV 2.5 ~ 16.5: 1 second at f/2.4 to 1/400 at f/16.

Exposure Modes: Professional (P, previously known as program) and aperture-priority, only.

Exposure Lock: With half-press of shutter.

Exposure Compensation: ±2 stops in ½ stop steps.

ISO: No manual settings; reads DX only from ISO 25 ~ ISO 5,000. Without a DX code on the film canister, the Minilux defaults to ISO 100.

Flash: Built-in, rated GN 36 feet (11 meters). 5 second rated recycle time.

Flash Range: Rated 24 feet (7.2m) at ISO 100.

Flash Modes: All the usual: Auto, ON, Off, Redeye, and Slow Sync.

Size: 4.8 x 1.1 x 1.5 ” (124 x 29 x 43mm), specified.

Weight: 12.905 oz. (365.8g), measured with battery, strap and 24-exposure load of Fuji print film. The Nikon 35Ti measures 14.320 oz (406.05g) with all this and with case and with wrist strap. The Konica Hexar Silver, with all this (except a 24-exp roll of print film) and a shoulder strap, filter and billet aluminum cap, measures 23.160 oz. (656.5g)

Power: One CR123A lithium. These are great; these sell for under $2 each at BatteryJunction.com and you always can keep a couple of spares in the key holder pocket of your Levi jeans.

Part Number: Minilux 40mm f/2.4: 18 006. (Minilux Zoom: 18 036)

Who Really Makes It: While “designed by Leica,” it’s made in Japan in an unknown factory. Depending on where I read this, the inside is actually a Panasonic or Minolta point-and-shoot with a lens and outer casing designed by Leica.

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